SR-22 certificate

Breaking so many traffic rules or being convicted for major traffic violations can earn you negative points (also known as driver’s license points) assigned to your driver’s license. Getting a high number of drivers license points can lead to suspension or revoking of your driver’s license. The process of getting back your driver’s license is tedious and can take a long time. Most states require you to get a SR-22 certificate as a proof that you have insurance before your licence can be reinstated.
SR-22 certificate

Understanding SR-22

SR-22 is actually not an insurance policy like it is sometimes referred to, instead it is paperwork that shows that you are financially capable in the event that you are involved in an accident. SR-22 certificate is a document that proves that you have met the minimum requirements of the liability insurance coverage for your state.

Liability coverage includes bodily injury liability(which covers for third-party injury in an accident where you are at fault) and property liability coverage (which covers for damage of the third party’s vehicle or property in an accident where you are at fault). The minimum liability coverage differs from state to state.

You not only need to pay the applicable fees but also an SR-22 document is usually required in order to unsuspend your driver’s license or reinstate your driver’s license if revoked. Your SR-22 certificate posted on your driving record would remain there for as long as your state requires.

When do I need to get SR-22 certificate

The traffic violation that your this certificate would be required of varies from state to state. Usually you may need your SR-22 certificate if;

  • You get convicted for Driving under the influence(DUI) or driving while intoxicated offences.
  • You were arrested driving without driver’s license or insurance
  • You are interested in obtaining a hardship or probationary driver’s license.
  • You owe unpaid child support orders from the court
  • You get convicted frequently for traffic violation within a short time frame

Note that even if you drive in a state different from where you got your driver’s license, you have to have an SR-22 certificate in your home state, because you may not be able to get another license given to you in another state without your SR-22 certificate from your home state.

How long do I need an SR-22 certificate

Endeavor to know when your SR-22 certificate becomes active, it could be the day your license got suspended or when you get approved for reinstatement of your license.

Your state’s standards will also determine how long you need to keep an SR-22 certificate. The time frame may be between one year to five years according to your state law.

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How to get SR-22 certificate

First you need to have a traditional car insurance policy which contains the minimum requirements of  liability coverage of your state before you can request for your SR-22 certificate when needed. For instance  in New York, you would be required to have bodily injury liability coverage per person to the tune of $25000, $50,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident, and $25,000 in property damage liability coverage.

getting the SR-22 certificate from your insurance provider is usually affordable but your insurer may consider you a high risk and decide to increase your periodic premium.

If you do not have an already existing car insurance policy then you need to purchase one. While shopping for the policy, endeavor to inform your insurance provider that you need to get an SR-22 certificate to confirm if they offer it and also, check with different Insurance providers to know if you can cut down the cost of premiums you are meant to pay.