Owning and taking care of pets is equivalent to regular check-ups at the vet and the accompanying bills that go with it.These bills could be little compared to if/when your pet gets into an accident or gets ill which can run into thousands of dollars.Knowing the types of pet insurance and choosing which is best based on price and coverage will save you the expenses during an emergency.

Types of pet insurance

Basically, there are three types of pet insurance.

  • Accident only pet insurance
  • Accident and illness pet insurance
  • Comprehensive pet insurance

Accident only pet insurance

Just as the name, Accident only pet insurance is a type of pet insurance that offers coverage for your pet in case of injury during any accident. Whether the accident involves being hit by a vehicle or involving in a fight with another animal, this type of insurance covers it. 

Accident only pet insurance is advised for pets that have been vaccinated, desexed, dewormed and has no anticipated genetic illness.

Accident and illness pet insurance

This type of pet insurance covers your pet’s veterinary bill on both accident, illness and disease of any kind. Illness covered includes but not limited to hereditary diseases, skin conditions, fleas e.t.c.

Accident and illness pet insurance is advised for pets that are yet to be diagnosed with any type of illness.this type of insurance covers emergency vet costs that comes with owning a pet.

Comprehensive pet insurance

For this type of pet insurance, every accident, illness as well as hereditary conditions are included. Depending on the insurance company, it may also cover most of the cost of routine care, training, vaccination, desexing and microchipping. Some policies cover all these or they are bought as add-ons.

Comprehensive pet insurance is advised for pets with hereditary illnesses that have just been adopted as it covers every routine care necessary for new pets.

What does pet insurance cover

Pet insurance being a kind of health insurance for your pet should cover any expenses incurred as a result of health issues as long as it is not a pre-existing condition.

Normally pet insurance coverage includes

Accident injuries: all injuries incurred as a result of vehicle accident, domestic accident, or during a fight is covered.

Serious illness: like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases are covered.

Chronic ailment: like skin infection, arthritis and allergies are covered.

Common illnesses: like catarrh, ear infection etc are covered.

Hereditary illnesses: like blood disorder, eye disorder etc are covered

Testing and diagnostics: blood test, x-ray, MRI etc are covered

Medical procedures: like chemotherapy, hospitalization, endoscopies etc are covered

Routine care: like vaccination, spay, deworming are covered

Behavioral therapy: therapy for excessive barking, destructive chewing etc are covered

These are the other most popular care covered by your pet insurance.the more the coverage the higher the payment for example buying comprehensive pet insurance is more expensive than buying accident only pet insurance. Because comprehensive pet insurance covers more health care than accident only pet insurance. 

What does pet Insurance not cover?

Grooming: pet insurance does not offer coverage for any grooming services like bath, nail clipping, hair grooming etc 

Pre-existing illnesses:if your pet has any health conditions before the time the policy is bought, it doesn’t cover it.

Food supplements:any food, dietary or nutrition supplement needed for your pet is not covered

Experimental procedures: any investigational or experimental procedures, or procedures not recognized within your state as medical procedures is not covered

Non-veterinary conditions: this includes advert and compensation for lost pet, waste disposal services, nanny etc

Where do I get pet insurance?

There are different ways to get pet insurance

  • By asking insurance companies if they offer pet insurance
  • Recommendation from the veterinarian taking care of your pet.
  • From insurance compare sites.

Asking insurance companies can be stressful because you need to compare different prices, and coverage before choosing the one that suits your pet’s needs, especially if you do not have a particular recommendation you are going for. Using insurance compare sites would be easier as you would find different offers all in one space.