Wedding insurance policy

The cost of wedding preparations these days is very expensive. Weddings are probably the most expensive ceremony families plan. Buying a wedding insurance policy is probably the smartest move anyone planning a wedding should make, but do not rush into purchasing it till you know what it entails, and how it can benefit you. Let’s find out together.

Wedding insurance policy; definition.

A wedding insurance policy is a type of insurance policy under special events insurance that offers protection against issues that may arise as a result of your wedding event.

Types of wedding insurance policy

A wedding insurance policy can be categorized into two

Wedding liability insurance: this type of insurance policy pays for injury or damages that happened during the event. For instance, if while the bridesmaids were trying to catch the bouquet, they fell over each other and broke a table, wedding liability insurance pays for the repair or replacement of the table.  also if in the process of catching the bouquet someone gets injured, wedding liability insurance pays for the treatment of such individual(s)

Wedding cancellation or postponement insurance: this policy covers situations when the wedding is postponed or canceled for reasons you can’t control. The reasons could be extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms, etc, illness, injury or the vendor contracted going out of business.

Supplement riders for Wedding insurance 

A wedding insurance policy may not cover all the issues that may arise during the is therefore advised to purchase supplement riders for your wedding event. Such riders include;

Honeymoon rider: if for reasons beyond your control like illness or extreme weather conditions, you cancel your honeymoon, this rider reimburses you.

Bridal gowns and tuxedos riders: if your vendor for any reason such as close down of business could not deliver your wears for the wedding, bridal gowns and tuxedos riders pay for alternative wears for your event.

Military service riders: if you or your spouse is in active service, and a call to duty causes a postponement of the wedding, this rider covers the cost of postponement.

Wedding gift rider: this protects you against the loss or theft of your wedding gift.

Factors that determine the cost of a wedding insurance policy

Different factors affect the price of insurance and wedding insurance is no different. Some factors that determine the cost of wedding insurance are;

Location: the location of the wedding could affect the price of wedding insurance because some locations are more expensive than others.

insurance company: Different insurance companies have different quotes, there is no definite price.

Size of wedding: the more the guest expected to attend the higher the price of the coverage.

Coverage amount: the number of issues the coverage is going to protect, the higher the cost.

Optional riders: if you are getting supplement riders, which is optional, the cost would definitely increase.

Basically, wedding liability insurance costs around $125-$150 while postponement and cancellation insurance costs between $100-$500.

Be sure to check different quotes from different insurance companies before choosing the one that best suits the needs of your event.

What does wedding insurance not cover?

Most of the issues not covered in wedding insurance by most insurance companies are:

Ordinary bad weather: if you cancel your wedding due to weather conditions that are not as bad as stopping you or at least half of your wedding guests from arriving at the venue, you don’t get reimbursed.

Cost of wedding: if you decide to cancel or postpone your wedding because the cost of preparation is above your budget, you don’t get reimbursed.

Breakup: if you or your partner decide to have a change of heart and break up before the wedding, thereby canceling the event, you don’t get reimbursed.


Most traditional insurance companies also sell a wedding insurance policies, contact your personal insurance broker as well as check other companies while shopping for wedding insurance

Also do not purchase wedding insurance at the onset of your preparation so you know the issues that you want to be covered due to the elements on your preparation list.